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Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS):


What is TMS?

Tension myositis syndrome (TMS), also known as tension myoneural syndrome, is a condition that causes real physical symptoms, such as chronic pain, gastrointenstinal issues, and fibromyalgia, that are not due to pathological or structural abnormalities and are not explained by diagnostic tests. In TMS, pain symptoms are caused by mild oxygen deprivation via the autonomic nervous system, as a result of repressed emotions and psycho-social stress.

Dr. Cheng has evaluated and treated patients with TMS and other Psychophysiologic Disorders for over a decade now. He starts by making sure to rule out a structural cause of your chronic pain and associated symptoms, with a thorough history and physical examination. He encourages TMS sufferers to take an active role in their treatment. The symptoms in these types of chronic disorders are caused by repressed emotions and long-standing environmental and neuro-physiologic conditioning. So, healing must come via an active path involving education, exploration and discovery on the part of the patient. Dr. Cheng is here to guide patients down that path.

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